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We all have different dreams in life. Mine is to be able to travel the world while writing books without having to pause my “real life.” Not have to settle down and get a job. Not have to put my dreams on hold while I make money. How to make money and travel at the same time has always been my life’s question. The answer is still out there. I’m still trying to figure it out.

The quiet solitude that can be traveling mixed with the adventures of exploration, meeting interesting people, and exploring new places encourages me to have an active, poetic mind. In this reality, inspiration is everywhere and the words flow more easily. The open road is my muse, my salvation and a 9 to 5, a routine, is my demise.

While traveling, I enjoy a simple life. Living out of a car. Camping in the forest. Building fires. Meeting new friends. Helping people with their projects, gardens, and homesteads. Engaging in inspirational, spiritual, stimulating conversations. Or just quietly sitting by the river, simply in awe. Photographing our beautiful world.

There are many opportunities to live somewhere for free in exchange for work. I thoroughly enjoy this. Helping someone with their dream, building and beautifying properties and gardens. Connecting, building, learning and growing. Unfortunately though, money still comes into play. Money for food, water, car insurance, and gas in the tank to keep traveling.

I love writing. Sharing my perspective. Telling a story in a way that engages even the non-reader. Short excerpts about a beautiful place. Passing thoughts on current affairs. Children’s books that include lessons, humor and education. I envision my perfect life as some kind of a gypsy. Moving around, selling books, offering trade, and helping where I can in the form of physical labor or simply an open heart and quiet ear.

This blog contains different writings on a multitude of things during my travels.  But for now, my travels have slowed greatly. For now I have a home with a heater and a job with a commitment. I am using this time to save money, gather ideas, and take classes in marketing and photoshop to better the business. More importantly, I am using this time for self-reflection and growth. To face, deal with, and work through my anxiety and fears. It is easy to be at peace on the road. It’s easy to see the beautiful, recognize interconnection, and embrace the spirit on the road. It is in the day to day, lost in a job, in the mundane, in a city surrounded by buildings and people where I have struggled. So it is here, in this darkness, where I will find my light.

I hope you enjoy my posts and if you feel inspired to help me continue to pursue my dreams of travel and writing, please visit Amazon, Squareup, or Etsy to purchase one or more of my books. You can also simply leave a donation through paypal if you feel inclined. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

The idea behind the children’s books I write is that somewhere along the line as adults we have lost our childhood simplicity and imagination. The books are focused on connecting with nature and ourselves. Imaginative stories incorporating lessons on honoring the individual, being true to yourself, and opening up. Also interwoven within some of these stories is information on different animals, places, and nature. The idea is to write colorful, engaging books that not only capture the attention of the child, but also the person reading to them.

I’ve recently started a series of travel books for kids. Creating images of different beautiful places within a state to encourage traveling and exploration. Each of the different images are created from a multitude of mediums to create a dreamlike, imaginative world.

“Blessed – A Trip through Belize” is my first attempt at writing an adult travel novel. The book takes place in Belize and features my seven month stay there. You can read a sample of the book here.

I created the publishing company, Lost Truth Press in 2012. Once I have my books more on the market and bring in an actual income, I hope to broaden the company and publish other authors as well. Still focusing on the same themes and topics. I would love to help more people get their words, ideas, and books out there.


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