The above map shows the path of the epic road trip thus far

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Carl was an older man I met at the hostel. He was one of the people on full time staff. We talked a little here and there, but one day we ended up hanging out and talking a bunch. We sat on the roof of the gazebo, me picking his brain with an onslaught of questions. He told me more about the hostel and I asked about the weather. Amazed that it never really got cold this far south. It seemed perfect to me. I hate the cold. He told me about another hostel, The Hostel in the Forest. There had been a sign posted in the office advertising for this other place. Highlighting features like ‘sleep in a tree house’ and ‘swim in an Artesian fed pool’. Carl told me how Owhnn used to frequent this other hostel and it’s what inspired her to create a place of her own. They were sister hostels. He told me the other one was nestled in the middle of 100 acres of swamp land. By the end of our conversation he had me sold and I knew one day I would be visiting the sister hostel.

Thanksgiving was approaching and the hostel would be having a huge feast and many visitors for the occasion. They would be happy if we could stay and help out for the festivities. Emily and I decided we would stay until then and leave the day after. We had been there for two weeks and were beginning to feel it was time to move on.

After leaving the hostel, we returned to Emily’s uncle’s house. We felt our road trip was nearing an end. Of course we were on the east coast and my car was 3000 miles away on the west. We looked into our options. Our original plan had been to drive Emily’s car back across the country in order to pick up mine. We weren’t necessarily thrilled about the idea. Then her uncle suggested we look into the Greyhound.

Checking out prices, we learned it was $70 each for a one way ticket. After running the numbers, we realized it would be much cheaper to take the bus than drive. Driving would cost somewhere around $100 per car each way. So $300. Her car would be driven across the country twice and mine once. Plus we’d have to pay for camping on the way and that would be a lot of miles on Emily’s car. It seemed to be a no-brainer. We’d spend two and a half days riding a bus across country.

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