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Upon arriving at the storage unit, we received disappointing news. My car had been broken into. The driver side lock had been removed and in it’s place was a gaping hole. Upon inspection, we learned nothing had been stolen from the car. Maybe because the car alarm scared the robber off or likely because there was nothing worth stealing. The car was full of clothing and miscellaneous junk. For the time being, we put duck tape over the hole in the car. The biggest problem was now, once again, we had a vulnerable car. The door wouldn’t lock properly and the car could easily be broken into.

We decided to head south to San Diego before moving east. We’d been told at Tiger Jimmy’s to come back and get our tattoos touched up and we intended to do just that. It was late by the time we arrived. We had no tent, no blankets, sleeping bag, minimal things of use. We parked our car by Ocean Beach and went into a local chain restaurant, maybe Denny’s, to see how long we could milk hanging out in their heated space before receiving the boot. Now that it was December, even San Diego nights were cold.

They did let us slowly sip our coffee and graze our French fries for quite awhile, but eventually we were asked to purchase something else or leave. We headed down to the beach. There were massive sand dunes everywhere. I didn’t remember those being there. It took quite awhile to figure it out, but eventually we remembered there had been a huge storm roll through California while we were on the east coast. I don’t remember much details about it, but what we were seeing was the after math. I felt thankful we hadn’t been here during the storm. My plan on how to avoid the future apocalypse is to not be in the wrong place at the right time. One day in Northern Virginia, I drove all around the entire county. It had rained in each place I went, but it was never raining where I was. It was all about being in the right place at the right time. Not that rain is a big deal, but another time I was driving a few hours across state borders. I drove in a pocket of sunshine the entire way. I could see dark ominous storm clouds out all my windows, expanding in each direction. But directly above me the sun was shining. This continued on for my entire drive home. Out of curiosity, I pulled up the weather radar and watched the past few hours on a map. Sure enough, the map showed a bubble of sunshine, surrounded on all sides by huge rainstorms traveling down the highway I’d just come off of. I like to believe through following intuition without question, we can find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

It was too cold to sleep outside and too cold to sleep in the car. The late hour and brisk air had the beach rather deserted. For awhile Emily and I paced the sidewalks to stay warm. Passing by newspaper vending machines, we noticed some of these metal boxes contained free magazines. Being the young rebels that we were, a great idea began to form in our minds. We collected the free magazines and carried them back to the beach to an awaiting fire pit. Convinced the magazines alone weren’t enough, we further searched along the shore for something else to burn. Near one of the other fire pits we found a mostly intact packing crate. Hauling it over to our fire pit, we now had the makings to create a bit of warmth to last till sunrise.

To be continued in the final chapter…